Jan 09, 2015

Schutt to Offer Sensor Enhanced Football Helmets for 2015 Season

Brain Sentry to provide advanced sensors that will monitor and track helmet impacts in real-time.

May 15, 2014

New 5-Star Helmets from Schutt Best Testing Helmets in STAR System

Two new football helmets introduced this week by Schutt Sports are the best scoring helmets in the history of the STAR Rating system. Researchers at Virginia Tech University developed the STAR system in 2011 as a means to compare performance capabil

Jul 10, 2013

Football Helmets from Schutt Sports to Feature Interactivity with New Mobile Concussion App

Starting immediately, Schutt will replace the current warning label it places on every helmet with a new, interactive label. This label will link to the new “Heads Up” mobile concussion app developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention