Rivals Flag
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Want everyone in the parking lot to know your colors? Then the RivalsFlag™ from Schutt Sports is the answer! The next generation of logo flags, the RivalsFlag™ also let’s you take a little poke at your opponents. One side of the RivalsFlag™ shows the primary logo of your school, while the reverse side cheers your team onto victory: Go Lions! Beat Michigan State! And the best part? By grabbing a few extra rival banners, you can keep it up week after week!

The RivalsFlag™ from Schutt Sports is a great fund-raising idea, too. Ideal for high school and collegiate programs trying to raise money and school spirit!

– 3’ x 5’ premium construction with reinforced heavy duty nylon
– Built to withstand weather extremes: rain, snow, blistering heat and stunning cold
 – Comes standard with one rival banner, which will be your school’s arch rival, i.e., Alabama/Auburn
 – Additional rival banners sold separately

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