2966 Hockey Style Mask
Item: 2966000CCC

Better looks, better performance and better protection. That's quite a resumé for our hockey style catcher’s mask. Take a closer look and you’ll see for yourself: there’s no better choice for a catcher today.

Made In America
All Schutt catcher's helmets are proudly made and assembled in the heartland of America! 

NEW DESIGN - Wider View
A catcher needs to see all of the field, all of the time. Our 2966 has an increased field of vision, so you can see more of the field and not sacrifice protection.

Maximizing Air Flow
Ventilation holes are built into the 2966 shell, maximizing air flow and helping you keep cool.

Field of Vision
It may seem like a no-brainer but many catcher’s helmets do not give you an adequate view of the field. Our R&D team designed our hockey-style helmet so you can see more of the field and see it faster!

Deluxe Harness
You already know you have a unique head shape. Your friends tell you that all the time, right. Plus, you’re a catcher! Our deluxe harness is adjustable in multiple locations to give you the perfect fit and our secure fastening system keeps it perfect!

This product is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield, and antimicrobial, which acts to resist the development of bacterial odors in our product.

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