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Any advantage on the field is worth exploiting, even if it’s something as vague as “I just feel better.” That’s what players tell us when they lace up the pads with our advanced Comfort Lite™ shoulder pads. Designed with Smart Fabric Technology™ from Outlast®, the Comfort Lite™ shoulder pads actually help you regular your body temperature. That means you can stay in control in rain, snow, blistering heat or teeth-chattering cold. Schutt® Sports designed the Comfor Lite™ pads to breathe – allowing the pads to circulate air around your body. Then, the Smart Fabric Technology™ takes over – absorbing and storing excess heat generated by your body and then returning that heat if/when it’s needed. Shoulder pads featuring Smart Fabric Technology™ are available only from Schutt® Sports. The soft-side design Comfort Lite™ shoulder pads are a smart choice to help reduce heat-related injuries and a smart choice for players dedicated to playing the game with the best, lightweight equipment available. Treated with Ultra-Fresh® to inhibit growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that casue odor and stains. Comfort lite™ shoulder pads are available in:


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