ION Mouth Guard
Item: 1408030C
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- Ideal for Elite Athletes who Demand the Ultimate Protection

- Extreme Dual Density Upper and Lower Protection

- Harder “feel” than other guards

- Flush Front Strap Attachment

- Includes $12,000 Dental Warranty

- Includes Lanyard and Hard Case

- Multi-Sport Mouth Guard: hockey, lacrosse, softball, baseball, motocross, and more

Reduction of Impact Forces
Creates a safety zone behind your jaws by locking both the upper and lower jaws into place. This helps reduce the force of impact to the TMJ region and promotes healing.

Clenched Teeth Breathing
Unlike guards that protect only your upper mouth, the Schutt mouth guards have breathing holes built into the front. You can keep your mouth correctly clenched (and protected) while still being able to breathe freely. Protects both upper AND lower teeth.

Impact Transmitted Away From Brain
Patented design positions the jaw down and slightly forward, which helps absorb the force of impact, from any direction, while protecting both upper and lower teeth. Transmits that force  away from the base of the skull, reducing stress and damage to TMJ area.

State of the Art  Production
All of the mouth guards, except the AiR Standard, use a double-shot, dual thermoplastic manufacturing process, building in maximum quality. The AiR Standard uses a single-shot process.

Ultimate Protection
Schutt mouth guards feature an impact-absorbing inner material that’s injected inside the moldable outer casing which molds to ALL of your teeth, not just the upper. When impact occurs to the facemask, the outer casing secures the jaw, while the inner material cushions and absorbs the impact energy.  

Maximum Versatility
Patented design is available in both Adult and Youth models. Guards will easily fit over braces without affecting protection. Features innovative new Strap/Strapless “All-in-One” option for multi-sport use.

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