There is no more distinctive sound in football than the thunderous collision of shoulder pads in a clash of titans. When you hear it, you know it. Nothing else sounds like the ultimate hit. It’s football’s immoveable object vs. irresistible force – at supersonic speeds.

Just like helmets from Schutt® Sports, our Schutt shoulder pads are designed to provide elite athletes with performance, protection and comfort. We use the latest in manufacturing technology, along with innovative fabrics and materials to make our Schutt shoulder padsthe first choice for dedicated leaders on the football field.

Shoulder pads from Schutt® Sports can handle the punishment and dish it out, too.

In 2009, Schutt Sports equipped you better than we ever have with a newly redesigned line of shoulder pads - all designed by J.C. Wingo, the power behind the most popularshoulder pads in professional football. We introduced Wingo's AiR Flex™ Shoulder Pads to sensational success and, in 2009, we've extended the technology, plus his expertise and decades of football experience to the rest of the lineup.The Schutt Armor Flex provides an ideal fit and protection for a fabric/foam coverted pad while being and extremely lightweight pad.  The Schutt o2 Flex with large Vapor Windows work in tandem with the 7mm vent holes allowing cool air to come in and hot air to escape. The Schutt XV Flex provides a perfect blend of protection and comfort. Our Varsity Flex provides a great valve featuring raised corrugation, 7mm vent holes and a 3 point belt.

Our youth line is just as impressive, the Schutt Mid Flex is an ideal pad for the youth athlete in middle school looking for a pad that provides protection, comfort, and value. For the youth player just starting out in football our Y Flex is an ideal pad featuring top of the line features found in our varsity line.

Now that we think about it, though, that might be the guy you just tackled who's screaming about your extra step.