About Schutt Sports

We build gear for players. Those five words mean everything to us at Schutt® Sports. From the manufacturing line to the sales reps on the road to senior management keeping the machine running, all of us are focused on players. The dedicated leaders who devote themselves to the game; every game, every practice and every moment.

Schutt® Sports is the world’s leading maker of football helmets and faceguards. Three out of four professional football players take the field wearing Schutt® gear. Our ION 4D, AiR XP, and DNA™ line of helmets are the world’s only football helmets to feature TPU Cushioning – the same material used by the US military for helmets for fighter pilots and paratroopers. Our faceguards are the best in the world, both in form and in function. We design our gear for maximum performance based on standards dictated by the most important person in our world – the player.

We share the same passion, intensity and devotion to the game as the player. Players know what they want, they know why they want it and they know they’ll succeed when they get it.  For nearly a century, we’ve made their gear - all with the sole purpose of empowering players to focus and perform at the top of their game.

Gear up your game.

Guiding Principle

Schutt® Sports will grow profitably in our chosen markets through an intense commitment to:

-Extraordinary Customer Service

-Innovative Products and Services

-Superior Quality



Schutt Sports Compliance Standards and the FLA

Schutt Sports is affiliated with the Fair Labor Association and Collegiate Licensing Corporation and is committed to the principles of Fair Labor and responsible sourcing. We have committed to upholding the Workplace Code of Conduct in our supply chain. The Code of Conduct is based on International Labor Organization (ILO) standards, and seeks to protect workers in many industries around the world..

The Schutt Workplace Code of Conduct  defines labor standards that aim to achieve decent and humane working conditions. The Code's standards are based on International Labor Organization standards and internationally accepted good labor practices.

It is our intention to use these standards as an integral component to how we approach sourcing strategies, howe we evaluate factory performance, and how we determine with which factories we grow our business. We will seek compliance with these standards across our supply chain to the extent possible given our relative strength among our suppliers. We will as quicky as possible integrate these standards into our owned and non-owned factory base knowing that factories are at different levels of compliance and will take varying amounts of time to fully comply.

As we evolve our business model in sourcing and manufacturing, we intend to work with factories who understand that meeting these stands is critical to developing manufacturing leadership, continuous improvement and self-governance.

You can download and review the entire Schutt Workplace Code of Conduct here.