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Schutt Sports Unveils All New, Online Schutt Store for Baseball and Softball

Feb 26, 2013

Schutt Sports recently unveiled it's first direct-to-consumer online store, focusing on the company's baseball and softball product lines.

The website, , will feature the latest helmets, catcher's gear, training aids, bases and other baseball and softball products.

"Branded channels that focus on Direct-to-Consumer interactions and transactions are becoming more popular across all consumer product categories," said Glenn Beckmann, Director of Marketing Communications. "Our customers have historically told us they wanted this type of interaction with us and we think this will be a great way for us to educate our customers about our latest products and reaching customers that have been difficult for us to reach in the past."

The new website will feature a helmet customizer that allows the consumer to choose any of the 13 models of Schutt batters helmets, and then choose from over a dozen paint colors and styles to build a custom helmet.

"Our customers are going to flip over the helmet customizer that's built into the new Schutt Store," said Beckmann. "This is a tool that allows a player, parent or coach to sit with their computer or smartphone and design a custom batters helmet. Just for themselves or for the entire team."

The site is having its grand opening and unveiling today, after being active for a little over a week. To celebrate the company's Schutt Store initiative, all order placed before March 31 will receive free shipping.

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