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New 5-Star Helmets from Schutt Best Testing Helmets in STAR System

May 15, 2014

(Litchfield, Illinois), May 14, 2014 – Two new football helmets introduced this week by Schutt Sports are the best scoring helmets in the history of the STAR Rating system.  Researchers at Virginia Tech University developed the STAR system in 2011 as a means to compare performance capabilities of the various helmets available in the marketplace.


The two new helmets are variations of current helmets in the company’s football line: Vengeance VTD and AiR XP Pro VTD. The “VTD” stands for Variable Thickness and Durometers inside the patented TPU Cushioning that Schutt utilizes in all of its varsity football helmets.


“Our TPU Cushioning is the best impact absorbing system across a wider variety of temperatures available in a football helmet,” said Robert Erb, President/CEO of Schutt. “That’s been proven for three straight years by independent, certified testing.  We’ve re-designed the TPU in the VTD helmets to maximize performance to the Virginia Tech STAR protocol.”


In order to adapt the TPU Cushioning inside the new helmets, Schutt Sports re-engineered the durometers to work more effectively against low-velocity impacts, which are heavily emphasized in the calculation of a helmet’s STAR score.  While the new VTD helmet models are designed to place greater emphasis on low-velocity impacts, the company’s existing Vengeance and Air XP Pro models absorb more energy at higher impacts and elevated temperatures. 


"To date, there is scant evidence to support the conclusion that the VA Tech study is predictive, that is, that a higher STAR rated helmet will reduce the likelihood of concussive episodes in football players,” cautioned Erb.  “This raises two important points about the Star Rating System that should be taken into consideration: 1) a hypothesis can be theoretically sound, or even seem logical, yet be empirically questionable; and 2) Good test methodology can lead to erroneous results when extended to conditions beyond the scope of the research. We strongly encourage parents, athletes, schools, leagues, and administrators to do their homework before marking a purchasing decision."


Schutt Sports develops custom football helmets at an ever-increasing frequency. From something as simple as a custom paint color or faceguard, to helmets that accept cochlear implants or helmets that score a 5-Star rating.


“We’ve developed the VTD helmet models specifically at the request of our customers who are relying on the Virginia Tech methodology and require a 5-Star helmet” said Erb. “Both of these new helmets pass current NOCSAE standards and satisfy the requirements of our customers.


Current medical and scientific research asserts there is no such thing as a concussion-proof helmet and that is a position supported by Schutt Sports. There are a myriad of factors that can play a role in causing a concussion, many of which helmets can do little about. The best way to reduce the risk of injury is to ensure every player’s helmet is properly sized and fitted.


You can see the full 2014 Virginia Tech STAR helmet ratings here:


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About Schutt Sports

Schutt Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of protective equipment in the world, including football helmets, shoulder pads, protective apparel and padding, and much more. Nearly 40% of the players in the NFL choose to wear Schutt helmets, including 55% of the skill position players in the league. Schutt Sports is the only major helmet manufacturer to advance beyond traditional foam padding, instead using TPU (thermoplastic urethane) Cushioning, which has been proven to absorb more impact across a wider variety of temperatures than any other helmet system on the field. Schutt Sports is also the Official Base Supplier to Major League Baseball and is the largest domestic maker of batters helmets in the USA.

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