Why Recondition With Schutt?


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Any coach, trainer, or person involved in sports knows what a team's equipment looks like at the end of a season. It's broken, beaten, worn, and battered. It's not wise to use old and broken equipment, but new equipment is becoming increasingly expensive and school budgets are limited. From this dilemma, the concept of athletic equipment reconditioning was born. Awareness of the benefits of reconditioning, as well as the value-added services a quality reconditioner can provide, is an invaluable tool in helping today's coaches meet the increasing responsibilities--and risks--of their jobs.

The growing industry of Athletic Equipment Reconditioning is much more sophisticated than just cleaning worn and dirty uniforms. Your equipment is returned in clean, like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.
How much of a fraction you say?  Let’s take shoulder pads for example, those on average are about a ¼ of the cost to recondition than buying new. What about helmets right? Helmets are about a 1/3 of the cost! And just think the more you save on recon the more new Schutt helmets you can add to your program!