AiR-Flex 2 Umpire Chest Protector
Item: 12703250
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Lightweight Body
All new design that’s more form fitting to maximize protection. Lighter than previous chest protectors and featuring a breathable, mesh fabric that maximizes air circulation.

Better Protection
Features shoulder gap caps in high-risk impact area, a wider chest plate for better protection and padded Y-back with Coolmax® lining.

Brock Bead™ Construction
Brock Bead™ Construction gives you better protection and more breathability. Brock Beads absorb more impact and allow more air to circulate inside the chest protector.

Raised Corrugations
Raised corrugations make the body stronger and more resilient. 10mm ventilation holes in the body maximize air circulation and evaporation of excess moisture.

New T-Hook Attachment
The AiR Flex Umpire Chest Protector has a new T-hook attachment
for a secure fit. Also features epaulet style shoulder caps that are
adjustable and/or removable.

Extended Deltoid Protection
The AiR Flex Umpire Chest Protector features extended protection for deltoid area and removable deltoid pads.

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