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What takes an ordinary football player and elevates him to an elite athlete? A dedicated leader? Commitment. An unyielding determination that he WILL be the best. Schutt Sports is the dedicated leader of the football helmet and football protective padding industry. Schutt Sports commit football’s best development resources to making the world’s most advanced helmets, shoulder pads and protective gearSchutt Sports is committed to sending football players onto the field with the protection, comfort and the customized fit they demand.

The best football helmet lineup in the world features both adult and youth helmets. At the adult level, our Schutt ION 4D, Schutt AiR XP and the Schutt DNA Pro+ football helmets are the most advanced helmets in the market: We’ve extended the Schutt ION 4DSchutt AiR XP and the  DNA Pro+™ football product line into the youth helmet market, with the Schutt Youth ION 4D, Schutt Youth AiR XP, and the Schutt Youth DNA Pro+, as well as the Schutt DNA Recruit. Same great Schutt helmet wrapped up in a kid-sized package.

Our lineup of Football Schutt® shoulder pads goes beyond the simple function of protective gear. We’ve designed our advanced Schutt Flex shoulder pads to help players control both heat and moisture, as well as provide a custom fit and enhanced range of motion.

Our range of Schutt chin straps and Schutt faceguards are the industry standard. The new Schutt Fusion chin strap combines the best football  hard cup with the best football soft cup chin strap. Schutt® Sports offers football’s most advanced football faceguards, featuring over 100 combinations in titanium, carbon steel and stainless steel for both varsity and youth players.