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Utilizing our research and innovative technology from football helmets, Schutt Sports has developed softball’s and baseball’s most advanced line of batter’s helmets, the Schutt Air-7™ and the Schutt AiR-3™. The Air™ is the helmet of choice for today’s top players and programs for both softball and baseball. TheSchutt AiR-3 Ponytail helmet style is a Schutt® exclusive – designed specifically for the female softball player. Schutt® helmets can be customized in a stunning array of colors, styles and finishes, including: Wave Design, Feathered Wrap, Feathered Bill, Triangle, and the Masked Bill. The special finishes are: PEARL colors, KANDY colors, Pro-Gloss Colors, Special Effects, and Metallic Flakes.

Schutt® extends its commitment to protective equipment to catcher’s gearSchutt Sports offer the new hockey style masks. Our Scorpion Series of chest protectors features memory foam and Coolmax® - designed for both softball and baseball for advanced protection, comfort and custom fit.