When you’re headed into battle, the proper armor is essential.  The sound of shoulder pads, rib protectors, and back plates colliding.  It’s the soundtrack to every football game, and it’s music to our ears.  With smarter design, more comfort, and the latest material technology, Schutt shoulder pads accessories help keep players cool by absorbing, transferring, and reducing moisture and heat.  Some models are up to 20% lighter than traditional accessories for shoulder pads. We have the top of the line Shoulder Pad Accessories for the elite AiR Flex Shoulder Pad. Specific varsity shoulder pad accessories such as our varsity back plate, varsity rib protector, and our varsity collar are ideal accessories for the Armor Flex, XV Flex, Varsity Flex, and O2 Flex shoulder pad. If you have our Mid Flex or Y Flex the Youth Back Plate, Youth Rib Protector, and collar are ideak added protective pieces.