Today’s elite athletes demand the ultimate performance from themselves, their teammates and their
equipment. No more plain white T’s and cotton shorts. Now, the equipment that’s on the inside is just
as important as what’s on the outside. Schutt Sports is leveraging the technology and experience that
has made us the game’s leading equipment manufacturer to produce a player’s ultimate protective gear, including superior protective apparel and a brand new thigh pad unlike anything ever seen on the field. The XP Protection Shirt is a lightweight mositure wicking compression shirt that has strategically placed pads giving you extra protection where you need it most. If you need something even lighter our Schutt Lightweight Rib Protector Shirt or Lightweight Rib Vest are ideal. No need to worry about pads with our All In One XP Girdle , if you have a pad set no worries, our XP 5 Pocket Girdle is a perfect compression girdle with moisture wicking fabric.