SB Catcher's Gear Leg Guards

AiR MAXX Scorpion Double-Flex Leg Guard

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Size Chart
Size Chart
13 Inches 5.5" - 5.9"
14 Inches 5.7" - 5.11"
16 Inches 5.11" - 6.3"
17 Inches 6.1" - 6.5"

Applies to:

S3.2 Multi-Flex Leg Guards, AiR Maxx Scorpion Leg Guards.*Sizing will vary; to ensure proper fit, measure kneecap to ankle joint.

The contoured knee cap gives you a flatter, more stable landing area along with more coverage for the inside of the knee when dropping to block balls. 

-Ideal for youth players

- New design gives additional protection to your ankles, with side padding built right in.

- The double-flex option is lighter and less bulky 

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