Maintenance of the Schutt Helmet System is very simple. Any worn component part is easily replaced or changed, and if a fitting adjustment needs to be made, accessory parts are available from your local Schutt Sports Dealer.

The 8500 Sideline Kit is pre-packaged with many of the items needed to perform the routine maintenance for your helmets.

If your Schutt helmet has an AiR liner- It should be checked periodically to see that proper air pressure is maintained for the liner system.


If the helmet shell requires cleaning to remove old decals, residue, scuff marks, etc., the model 7759 Helmet Care Kit is recommended for this purpose. This kit contains cleaners, polish, and sanitizer to clean 200-300 helmets. Other products may void warranties and could affect the protective capabilities of the helmet.

DO NOT apply solvents or strong cleaning agents to the helmet shell, liner or interior parts. If you have a question whether a solvent or cleaner is approved, please contract Customer Service. The outside WARNING label must stay on the helmet, if it comes off in cleaning, please contact Customer Service for new labels.

Paint Warning:

Substances applied to the helmet shell that are not compatible with the shell material can cause deterioration, embrittlement, and/or breakage exposing the wearer to unnecessary risk and danger. Usage of non-compatible paints, polishes and/or cleaners will render the helmet shell unsafe for further use and will void warranties. If you have any questions concerning paint applications, please call Customer Service.


Helmet Warranty:

The warranty for polycarbonate shells (Varsity Models) is five (5) years. In order to honor the shell warranty (after the first year of use), reconditioning by a NAERA certified Reconditioner is required every other year. Note: Use only factory replacement parts to validate the warranty.

The warranty for ABS shells (Youth Models) is three (3) years. Although reconditioning is not required for youth helmets, it is recommended that a regular repair and replacement program is adopted until the helmet is retired.

Air liners are warrantied for a period of one (1) year.  Helmets covered under the warranties should be returned in whole with all internal components intact to the Schutt Sports dealer from which the helmet was purchased.  Please include evidence of the purchase date for return to the Schutt Sports Manufacturing Company. Schutt will then inspect the helmet and determine the disposition of repair, adjustments, or replacement free of charge.

Use of Third Party and Other After-Market Products:

All Schutt helmets and faceguards are manufactured and certified to mean NOCSAE performance standards. Alterations/additions made to the helmet or faceguard that do not follow manufacturer’s guidelines may void any applicable warranty to the product and will void the NOCSAE certification of the helmet or faceguard.

Schutt Sports recommends against the use of any third party, aftermarket product or accessory that alters the fit, form or function of the helmet or faceguard. If an aftermarket product is used on a helmet or faceguard and does not follow manufacturer’s guidelines, the NOSCAE certification will be void.

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