June 4, 2020

Schutt Creates Splash Shield to Protect Football Players from Harmful Droplets

Litchfield, Ill. (June 4, 2020) – Schutt Sports, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of protective equipment, announces it is manufacturing a new Splash Shield that will offer some protection for football players from harmful droplets caused by talking, sneezing and coughing in close proximity. The Splash Shield will attach directly to the faceguard. Not only will the new Splash Shield fit all configurations of football helmets, but these guards are light weight, easy to attach and clean and inexpensive enough to be disposable.

Schutt will offer the Splash Shield for purchase by July, both through their dealer network and online.

“We need sports to return and this new product will help players in that regard,” said Kip Meyer, general manager for Schutt Sports. “We are excited to introduce a product that benefits the players, the industry and ultimately, the fans.”

The Splash Shield is made of a clear optical material and has slotted tabs for ease in connecting the product to any faceguard on any helmet. While the Splash Shield will offer some protection, it can only limit exposure to airborne droplets that the athlete encounters during play.

“The debut of the Splash Shield is perfect timing for teams all over the world, and especially in the U.S., as we are preparing to get ready for football season,” Meyer said.