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Players Don't play the game. Players attack the game. From all sides.  From every angle.  Workout after workout.  Practice after practice. Play after play.  Game after game.  There is no stop, only go.

We build gear for players. For nearly a century, we've committed ourselves to developing the most innovative and technologically advanced gear in sports.  All with the sole purpose of empowering players to focus and perform at the top of their game.

Gear up your game.

  • d30_science
    D30 Protection
    D30 is rate sensitive, so it understands different load rates of stress vs strain characteristics. This means the harder the impact to the D30, the greater resistance to the force. The molecules lock together and then return to their original, flexible state.
  • tpu_science
    The most advanced impact absorption system in the game. Absorbs more impact more consistently across a wider range of temperatures than traditional foam padding systems whose performance deteriorates in temperature extremes.
  • air-liner_science
    Surefit Airliner
    The SUREFIT air liner features s TPU outer skin with increased surface coverage that gives the helmet a soft 'pillow like' feel. Additional comfort foam creates a dynamic fit and long-lasting durability. Features an additional layer of high impact foam in the front cushion to give a better fit.
  • titanium_science
    Titanium Faceguard
    The Vengeance Z10 and AiR XP Pro Q10 are equipped with special titanium faceguards designed to offer maximum coverage and reduced weight.
  • inter-link_science
    Interlink Jawpads
    The Inter-Link Jaw Pad has the ultimate security of mechanical attachment to the shell while providing quick, customizable sizing for every player on the field. Once attached to the shell, there are no tools needed to change out jaw pad covers for proper fitting.
  • stabilizer_science
    Stabilization System
    The Helmet Stabilization System frames your face and gives you a secure 'locked in' feel inside the helmet. Air flow inside the helmet is enhanced with the open sided TPU Cushions.
  • twist-release-science
    Twist Release Retainer
    This two-piece faceguard retainer system eliminates upper loop straps, making it easier and faster to attach or remove the faceguard.
  • vengeane_science
    Vengeance Faceguard
    Organically inspired and intimidating by design, Vengeance faceguards feature a raised eyebrow design that increases impact dispersion.
  • polycarbonate_science
    Polycarbonate Shell
    Helmets made from PCA are made from a strong and durable polycarbonate alloy, built to withstand the harder hitting that comes with bigger and older players at more advanced levels of football. Used in all Schutt varsity helmets.