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Varsity Football Helmet Glide Care Kit

Color: BLACK
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- Treats up to 300 helmets (16 oz). 

- Helmet Glide: Creates a 25 percent surface tension reduction to the helmet shell and facemask. Reduces frictional forces similar to a trainer applying petroleum jelly to a boxer’s face. One application needed per season.

- Game Day: Creates high definition clarity to the paint and decals for additional protection and sustainability. Increases depth and brilliance to the painted and matte finishes. Use on helmet, facemask and visor. The Helmet Glide system will not transfer from helmet to hands after application is completed properly. Recommended one application per week.

- Helmet Wash: Helmet wash is a weekly cleaner or can be used as sideline maintenance for the Helmet Glide system. It removes stick marks, grass and mud.

- Helmet Blitz: Helmet Blitz deodorizes and kills MRSA/STAPH, ringworm, viruses, germs, bacteria, molds, and mildew. Recommended once a week.  EPA Approved.

               -Note for Helmet Blitz: Use on interior only of helmet, chin strap, and shoulder pads.

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