XV HD QB/Wide Receiver Shoulder Pads

FB Varsity Shoulder Pads
Size Chart
Size Chart
Small 16 - 17 Inches
Medium 17 - 18 Inches
Large 18 - 19 Inches
X-Large 19 - 20 Inches

Applies to:

XV HD QB/WR, Varsity Flex 4.0 Skill

Features high-density EVA foam for greater impact absorption and durability. The moisture and heat management system of the XV HD allows airflow to and from the body which allows the skin to dry and the body to continue its natural cooling action.

Other features include high density EVA foam for greater impact absorption and durability, ventilated arch has raised corrugations and 7mm vent holes., and pre-drilled holes for accessory attachment.

-This pad has a clavicle channel system to help with impact specifically around the AC joint.

-The pad is designed to be low profile for improved mobility and is the lightest varsity shoulder pad we can build while maintaining pro-level standards.

- QB/WR offers an attached back plate and smaller arch cut to reduce the plastic that gets in your way.

- The arch cut gives you maximum range of motion and versatility.

Ideal for: Quarterback and Wide Receiver